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ECB May Hike Interest Rate Up to 3%, Belgium Central Bank Chief Opines
The ECB’s challenges are similar to those being faced by the United Kingdom and the United States. In the tough battle to combat rising inflation, Pierre Wunsch, governor of the National Bank of Belgium said the European Central Bank (ECB) may need to be more aggressive with its interest... Read more
JPMorgan Chief Jamie Dimon Predicts Global Recession by Mid 2023
JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon expects the S&P 500 to correct another 20% in six to nine months from now. With the Fed raising interest rates aggressively, all eyes are currently on what happens on Wall Street next. On Monday, October 10, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon stated that the US... Read more
US Home Prices Fall Second Month in Row as Sellers Take Wait and See Approach
The current outlook of the housing sector has posed a considerable setback for homeowners, most of whom have pulled their adverts for housing in recent times. Home prices in the United States are becoming less promising for sellers as it has fallen for the second month in a row.... Read more
Mortgage Interest Rates on High, 30-Year Mortgage Tops Highest Since November 2008
Increasing mortgage rates have impacted the entire housing market as the buzz gradually cools off.  Compared to the previous week, mortgage interest rates for all types of loans have increased. As a matter of fact, the rates have been dramatically changing since January. Beginning, with 30-year fixed, to 15-year... Read more